“Looking towards Africa welfare”

“Olhando o bem-estar de África”

“Looking towards Africa welfare”

“Olhando o bem-estar de África”

Trevotech Procurement & Services

About Us

The Trevotech Procurement and Services Division of Trevotech, the internacional operational structure of the Trevotech Group acts as a trading supporter for multi-national commercial operations, getting together different countries, traders, brands and products. Started between China and the Portuguese speaking African country, soon the market demand and the challenges took it to a larger journey and expanded its operations and business the other areas and services.

Today, through its Europe and Asia based companies runs trading operations connecting Asia, Europe and Middle East to countries all over the immense African continent.

Our Goals

“Looking towards Africa welfare”

Our everyday mission is to contribute to the growth of Africa and with our best efforts, knowledge and resources we are able to provide the world best rated products to African traders and producers and to present to the world the best that Africa have to give from its producers.  Empowering African producers and traders it is our job, either by what we provide them, like from what they have to provide to the world.


All the operations are coordinated by the companies located in Asia and Europe, acting as hubs for the global markets. This international trading companies, procurement, business consultants and management advisors are providing support either to public and private entities on the establishment of commercial multi-national operations, provision of goods, consultancy, management, logistic support and advisement for trading operations.

Its multi-language team are based in Macao and Lisbon, coordinating the operations related to different jurisdictions and making sure that all requests are well succeed.

We operate from the World to Africa and from Africa to the World. Angola, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zâmbia, Namibia. Portugal, Germany, China, Israel, Singapura, India.

For now, this are our markets.

Our Services

Trading & Procurement

  • Food and Bevereges
  • Heavy Equipment and machinery
  • Clothing
  • Automotive
  • Flavours, Perfumery and Ingredients
  • Raw materials
  • Seeds and fertilizers
  • Mobility solutions
  • Technology

Consulting & Management

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Logistics and Trading
  • Industry

International Business & Commerce

  • Business establishment and partnerships

Services & Brand Strategy

  • Branding management
  • Documentation support and verification

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Av. Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues nº600 E Edifício Centro Comercial 1st International 22º, P22-06 SAR Macau 

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Phone : +853 287 003 18



Av. José Gomes Ferreira 11 Ed. Atlas II, 4º Nº43          1495-139 Miraflores, Algés | Portugal

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Phone : + 351 214 180 828

Email: info@trevotech.eu

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  • Pólo Industrial de Viana S/N
  • Apartado 12179
  • Luanda, Angola
  • Phone: +244 222 400 101
  • Email: info@trevotech.info



  • Avenida Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues nº600 E
  • Edifício Centro Comercial 1st International 22º, P22-06 SAR
  • Macau
  • Phone: +853 287 003 18
  • Email: info@internacional.trevotech.info



  • Avenida José Gomes Ferreira, 11
  • Ed. Atlas II, 4.º andar, Nº43
  • 1495- 139 Miraflores, Algés
  • Phone: +351 214 180 828
  • Email: info@trevotech.eu